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health and wellbeing. The way I see it, you go to your doctor, nutritionist, dietitian, or your health professional, and combine it with good food. When you combine the medical with the natural, you meet somewhere in the middle and you can’t go wrong.”
The Healthy Chef market is 80-90 per cent female. They are concerned about beauty, weight management, gut health and their family’s health. “It’s all about what do women want and then creating a product designed by women, for women.”
“It’s about meeting the needs of these consumers,” says Cutter. “People tell us what they like and what they’re looking for. We use that customer feedback as part of our product planning and make sure all our products are designed around the gut, because it is the engine to the rest of the body.”
Online distribution has been key for The Healthy Chef. Cutter’s goal is to reach more consumers in the mainstream market, but
stands her ground in being selective of resellers to align with. “It would be awesome to find some of our products in a Woolworths, because I think Woolies are leading the way in terms of health and products,” says Cutter.
“I would even design products specifically for that consumer market and I have a whole list of products ready to roll out. We are a family-owned company, we are boutique,
it’s not like we have venture capitalists telling us what
to do or how much money to spend – we have full control
in what we do and what we
bring out. Everything we earn goes back into production and into the business and making better products.
“I love that we are building this really strong foundation for the company,” she says. “We’ve been going just on seven years and it’s been this nice, steady growth.”
Health and wellbeing is quickly moving from a trend to an expectation. Cutter says she has a plant-based cookbook
on the way and assures there’s no stopping the growth
of her quality, organically sourced and certified functional foods range. ✷
Finding a WPI without any nasties was the catalyst for The Healthy Chef range.
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