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Innovation In Action
Value added equipment solutions for nut systems
Heat and Control have designed the best production equipment to increase quality and output for Nut producers. From roasting to glazing, seasoning and coating, frying and cooling, conveying, weighing, inspection and optical sorting.
Heat and Control can assist you with complete solutions to add value to your Nut products.
Put our innovation to action in your plant today!
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• Cooking
• Conveying
• Seasoning + Coating
• Inspection
• Weighing + Packaging
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Creating clean canola
The first chemically free, cold pressed, 100% Australian canola oil is now on supermarket shelves.
THE CEO of Edward ’s Oil, Edward Garrow, has more than 15 years experience in the food industry. When he realised Australia imported more than 20 million litres of canola oil, despite being a large canola producing nation itself, he set to work.
The result is Edward’s Cold Pressed Canola Oil, the cold pressed factor being the feature. Garrow told Food & Drink Business he recognised a consumer-driven shift towards more natural food production methods.
“Most other cooking oils on the market are heavily processed – meaning heat pressed, chemically refined, bleached and deodorised – and we all know processed foods aren’t good for you, so why compromise with your cooking oil? It’s time that Australia had a more natural and healthier alternative,”Garrow says.
The canola is entirely sourced from the Cootamundra region in New South Wales. All the farms comply with food safety standards, including non-GM and no pesticide certifications, he says.
The canola seeds are cleaned then crushed through cold-pressing machines, known as expellers, to produce the oil and the by-product meal. The meal is then commonly used as animal feed.
Garrow and says the Edward’s Oil products are not only 100 per cent
Australian made, but aim to inspire natural, healthy and clean cooking.
It can be used for baking, roasting and frying, as well as salad dressings
and marinades. Garrow says it has a higher smoke point and
has 50 per cent less saturated fat, is richer in Vitamin E and
Omega-3, and has a more balanced Omega 3 to Omega
6 ratio than other oils. “It’s simply better oil for all uses.” Edward’s Oil has launched
two GMO free variations of quality Cold Pressed Canola Oil – First Pressed, with a subtle nutty flavour, and Naturally Filtered, with a neutral taste for more
versatility when cooking. ✷
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