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Wide Format Event
Cactus opens doors to Acuity
The great and the good of Sydney’s wide format industry gathered at Cactus Imaging for an in-depth presentation on the company, and a viewing of Australia’s first Fujifilm Acuity Ultra in action.
In a throwback to the days of yesteryear when print business owners and managers were often found at events at each other’s factories, some 40 wide
format printers took advantage of the generous offer of Cactus management Keith Ferrel and Nigel Spicer to come and share in the launch of the new Acuity, at an event hosted by wide format trade association SGIAA. Opening the presentations Ferrel
said Cactus was always looking for new solutions to please clients. He said, “We are always keeping on top of developments. We work closely with manufacturers, often they are asking us for feedback. We spend a lot of time on aeroplanes travelling around the world, and we are always thinking 18 months to two years ahead.”
Speaking of the Acuity Ultra he said, “We have one of the first in the world, and we could not be happier with the quality.” Cactus is a long time Fujifilm advocate.
He also revealed the company was about to install a new finishing line which would supercharge production. “What used to take two men 35 minutes to achieve will now be done by one in three minutes”, he said.
Cactus produces between 10,000sqm and 20,000sqm of wide format print every day, in a 24 hour operation. Nigel Spicer revealed that the mammoth job of keeping on top of the workflow, materials and scheduling is achieved through the company’s self-developed CPS (Cactus Productivity System). He said, “Our CPS is the superglue that holds production together.”
Printers at the event included well known names from the local industry, and some who keep a lower profile.
Although Cactus is now owned by outdoor media giant oOh! Media, it operates as a stand-alone business. Its parent is one of the big two outdoor media companies.
Ashley Playford, national sales manager Fujifilm Graphic Systems said, “We were delighted when Cactus decided to be the first business in Australia to install the new Acuity Ultra. Cactus has a long
pedigree of being first to market with the latest print innovations, and the Acuity Ultra is a great addition to its already impressive print arsenal.
“We have been looking forward to showcasing the exceptional print quality the Ultra delivers at the Open House. This is a platform that delivers high quality at high speed.”
Fujifilm Australia CEO Takeshi ‘Tyler’ Yanase said that the Acuity Ultra at Cactus was one of 30 installed around the world so far.
SGIAA president Nigel Davies also spoke, commending Ferrel and Spicer for opening up
“We have one of the first in the world, and we could not be happier with the quality.”
— Keith Ferrel, Cactus
the company for
the event, and
telling the crowd
that networking
opportunities are invaluable. He said, “Associations are all about people, and the best people in the local industry are here today.”
The new Fujifilm Acuity Ultra comes in 5 metre and 3.2 metre widths, with up to eight colour channels, including white. Ink is a new low film weight Uvijet GS Fujifilm product. Drop size is 3 picolitre, which Fujifilm says delivers the highest quality. It will print at up to 236sqm an hour, or 60sqm an hour in 1200x1800dpi mode. 21
First: (l-r) Fujifilm Australia CEO Takeshi Tyler Yanase; Fujifilm Australia national sales manager Ashley Playford; SGIAA president Nigel Davies, and Cactus founder Keith Ferrel
Cactus prints Australia’s biggest wrap
Cactus Imaging has printed what is believed to be the biggest building wrap in Australia at present, with a 2000sqm job
at Sydney Airport, for new specialist large format media outfit Wide Open Platform.
The job was printed at Cactus on its Fujifilm Uvistar grand format UV inkjet printer, and is the first wrap to be printed to new fire retardant standards on the mesh. Cactus general manager Keith Ferrel says the new fire standard will become the norm.
It took Cactus several months of R+D with various coatings to ensure ink adhesion on the new mesh, to ensure it was strong enough.
Cactus is owned by oOh! Media, but works as an independent print house with oOh! as one of its clients. It was founded by Warwick Spicer and Keith Ferrel in 1992. They sold to Opus Group a decade ago, with oOh! buying it two years ago for $6.1m. Spicer has since retired but his son Nigel is general manager.
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