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Wide Format Fespa
opportunity to
assess the technologies
Wide format printing represents the best opportunity for new revenue streams for many print businesses. Next month sees the the world’s premier trade show Fespa Global open its doors, and many ANZ print businesses will be making the trek to Munich. Print21 looks at what we can expect to see.
printing, and on the textile printing option a cutting device.
Also on the booth will be
the Rho 1300, for customised
mass production. With custom- configurable automation, Durst says even complex orders can be processed profitably with short response times.
The new Rhotex 325 dye sublimation printer will also be shown. Durst is expanding its successful portfolio of printers for soft signage and textile, which now includes direct- and transfer-printing systems for all market needs.
EFI (B5-E10)
New from EFI are the h3 and h5 Vutek LED printers. The belt-driven 3.2m-wide h3 is a completely new hybrid platform that is not based on anything that has gone before. Its prinheads have a drop size of
7pl and operate in greyscale mode. The 10-channel h3 can print up to nine layers in a one pass. Resolution is up to 1,200dpi. The h3 is field upgradable to the h5 configuration, which has five rows of heads, compared with three on the h3.
Target market is out of home, point of sale and high quality graphics markets. The h3 will run in variety
of combinations in its ten channels, with either double CMYK or CMYK plus light magenta, light cyan, light yellow, light black and double white.
Maximum speed for the h3 is 288sqm an hour, while the h5 will reach 362sqm per hour. Maximum media thickness is 50.8mm for the h3, with two 1.52m rolls and maximum width of 3.2m.
Epson (B5-G10)
Epson will have a wide range of solutions on the shop floor, including new releases, and will be showing printers how to produce soft signage, home décor, t-shirts, as well as wide format printing. The F2160 is Epson’s latest generation direct-to-garment
Agfa (stand B4-L10)
Agfa will have a new ink, the VGF
UV ink developed to fit the Jeti and Anapurna series, that the company says will provide a great abrasion and chemical resistance performance, making it suitable for outdoor applications. Key advantages of
the VGF ink include the wide range of media type from rigid to more flexible media, large color gamut and low ink consumption saving on costs.
Printers on show on the Agfa booth are the Tauro H3300 and Anapurna H3200i.
The 3.3m wide Jeti Tauro H3300 LED runs with full automation and is available as a roll-to-roll system or with manual loading and unloading, semi-automation or full automation.
Three colour configurations
are also available; the six-colour (CMYK, light cyan, light magenta) Jeti Tauro H3300 LED 6C, the six- colour plus white Jeti Tauro H3300 LED 6C W12 and the six-colour plus white and primer Jeti Tauro H3300 LED 6C W8P4.
Fespa fiesta: wide format printing event of the year where large range of print systems inlcuding Epson will
Aristo (B4-K20)
The German manufactured Aristo cutting tables are supplied in Australia by Neopost. There are currently four models in the range, with the largest the Aristomat LFC large format cutter, available in widths up to 5345mm and lengths 7400. See feature page 52-53.
Canon (B5-E30)
Among the technology on its
booth Canon will have its new imagePrograf TM series of wide format printers, designed for poster printing, CAD and the AEC markets.
The imaging giant will also have four types of waterproof poster media with adhesive backing, that it says achieves excellent weather resistance, enabling users to create outdoor signage for a variety of scenarios.
Canon says using the new printers and the new media means there
is no need to laminate prints for outdoor work. The company says the prints are light resistant, and water resistant, so can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications.
The new imagePrograf TM range is available in 24” and 36” versions.
Durst (B4-J10)
At the show printers can expect to see the Durst Rho roll-to-roll Rho 512R Plus and Rho 312R Plus, and the new Rho 512R and Rho 312R with LED UV curing technology. Durst says
the newly developed LED ink enables higher performance in terms of adhesion, no tack and less odour.
There is a new unwinding and re- winding system, productivity is up to 386 sqm/hr and versatility includes multiple roll printing, double side
be on show
Durst: will have a major stand at the show
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