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Starleaton managing colour
you will consume. These savings definitely add up for our customers.”
Starleaton supplies a range of tools to assist in colour monitoring, and as all printers know, colour is quite a science. The level of training needed for the tools can vary from no training at all, as many systems are intuitive or wizard based, while others such as the Xrite i1 Profiler may take one or more days, for tasks such as ink formulation.
Some printers may ask if the colour control systems in the offset
/ toner / inkjet printers themselves are not good enough, why would
a printer need the systems and
tools that Starleaton supplies? Blakely says, “Machines in these processes are just that, machines. Manufacturers of these machines build them well, but they require intelligence in front of them to maximise their output. They need
to be told how to print and to print consistently. We at Starleaton can provide these tools and experience to achieve required benchmarks.”
For any printer struggling with colour consistency and colour fidelity Blakely’s advice is first to pick up
the phone and call. He says, “You
will be directed to a specialist who will have an initial discussion, then most probably an onsite visit will
be arranged. This visit would entail
a meeting with relevant expert in our business to gather the necessary information we need.”
Starleaton offers a consultancy service, which would likely begin with an audit of the colour workflow. Blakely says, “This would uncover any abnormalities and problem areas that need addressing, and a report would be provided, with a path to move forward to address these issues and achieve the level of colour output and consistency that is achievable.”
Blakely says, “We are passionate about colour. It is a complex science, but our mission is to make it easy for printers to achieve the colour their clients demand, that is what we do day in and day out.”
With the passion and experience of Blakely and his team, and the tools that Starleaton has available to printers, it is not hard to see why the company is the go-to colour specialist for many print businesses around the country. 21
The national supplier is celebrating ten years as a Fogra member.
Its team of experts and best in class colour tools ensure print Sbusinesses produce the highest levels of consistent colour quality.
tarleaton is celebrating its Below: that the media we provide can meet tenth year as a member Consistent these exacting criteria.”
of the prestigious colour colour quality: Thomas Blakely, new service team
standards group Fogra Thomas leader at Starleaton says, “Starleaton Blakely,
Research Institute for can provide all that is necessary to Media Technologies. service ensure consistent colour quality. We
Fogra is the global German-based Research Institute actively involved in maintaining and developing several standards concerning colour management and printing. The ProcessStandard Offset (ISO 12647) certification by Fogra provides proof of the quality that the Starleaton media is capable of. Fogra essentially sets the standard for print around the world to adhere to.
According to Ben Eaton, CEO at Starleaton, colour management is key to the company. He says, “Our customers are feeling increasing pressure from their clients to follow brand guidelines and achieve consistent results.
“In response, we have enhanced our offering in the colour space, by bringing in new talent and keeping up to date with the all the latest innovations that our partners at Xrite, CGS, Just Normlicht, and Fogra, are developing, to ensure our customers are always at the forefront of colour quality.”
Starleaton has four of its papers from their Chromajet range certified under this standard, including Chromajet Viso 200, Chromajet Exact 260, Chromajet Precision 260, and Chromajet Spectrum 255.
Mark Rixon, application and colour specialist at Starleaton explains the importance of this ongoing relationship.
He says, “A number
of the papers from Starleaton’s Chromajet range have been certified under
Fogra. The ProcessStandard
Offset certification
is the standard
that the Australian printing industry
holds to, so it is vital
to assure our customers
42 Print21 MARCH/APRIL
team leader, Starleaton, wins the company’s inhouse award
offer end-to-end solutions to ensure colour consistency throughout the print workflow, and for some larger setups we can even offer closed
loop solutions for press operators. Our entire range of products are considered for their compatibility – our printers, media, ink, software and measurement tools – and are all supported by our team’s extensive experience and passion.”
“We have enhanced our offering in the colour space, by bringing in new talent and keeping up to date with the all the latest innovations that our partners at Xrite, CGS, Just Normlicht, and of course Fogra, are developing.” — Ben Eaton
Today’s print businesses of course have different print technologies, typically a mix of offset printing, digital printing, and wide format inkjet printing. Each needs its own approach.
Blakely says, “Basically each process has its own characteristics. What is important is that the printers hardware is being used to its fullest potential, and that the final result meets the requirement of inhouse colour standards be
it visually or numerically, which
in turn needs to meet their end
customer expectations.” Monitoring and measuring
has a cost of course, but so does not monitoring and
measuring. So what kind of ROI does Blakely say is
on the table?
“This will also vary
depending on the process, however it goes without saying
that the sooner you can get a print correct,
the less media you will waste and the less ink

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