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Currie Group races to high-performance print
Currie Group has shown
off the refurbished HP Indigo 7r press to printers in Melbourne, Sydney, and Auckland at star-studded
events, featuring the Triple Eight racing team at the Australian events, with Kiwi printers having former All Blacks captain Wayne ‘Buck’ Shelford sharing his high performance experiences.
The Melbourne event had both a 7r commercial printer and a 6r label press on show, the other two focused on the 7r. Several dozen guests including Print21 turned out to Currie Group’s office in Macquarie Park for the Sydney event, which featured demonstrations of the
HP Indigo 7r and 7000-series presses, with Horizon finishing kit.
Guest speakers for the event, themed after “high performance”, included the Triple Eight racing team champion drivers Jamie Whincup – whose father it turned out was a printer running GTOs in Melbourne – with Shane van Gisbergen and Jessica Dane. The
trio spoke about their racing careers, and how HP print products such as 3D and wide-format printers help them on the track. Kellie Northwood also spoke, on print opportunities.
According to Phil Rennell, sales and marketing director at Currie Group, the Test Drive series was about encouraging customers to pursue partnerships and create high-performance print.
“The key for us was getting
people to think about how to take performance to the next level, and obviously we would like them to associate that with their partnership with us,” he said.
The event was also about promoting the HP Indigo 7r digital press, which Rennell said delivers high performance at a lower price point than a brand-new machine.
“It is a previously-owned
press that goes through a full remanufacturing process back in the factory, and effectively comes out as a new press with current specifications,” he said. “It delivers
Above: High performance: At the Currie Group HP Indigo 7r event were the Triple Eight champion racing team (l-r) Jamie Whincup, Shane van Ginsbergen, and Jessica Dane
good value, but has been fully updated and remanufactured to the new standards.”
Rennell hailed the events as a success, and thanked customers in all three cities for coming out. “We’ve had a good response, and we’re pleased that our customers battled the traffic to come see us, and are prepared to learn and understand.
“It’s about adding value to your business and growing it as well,” he said. 21
Operator Saturday to expand to NSW and NZ
The inaugural Operator Saturday for HP Indigo operators, hosted by Currie Group, Dscoop, and HP, saw some 25 operators
at the event, and will now be expanded to NSW and New Zealand.
Marcus Robinson, service manager ANZ for Currie Group said, “The event went down really well with the operators, who were able to share knowledge, and receive expert insight and updates from HP and Currie Group specialists.
“The networking, the sharing, the learning were all appreciated. We are now looking at producing similar events in both NSW and New Zealand.”
The new initiative was designed to cover in-depth and essential topics to increase press, printing and supplies knowledge, for increased up-time and business profitability.
It was aimed at HP Indigo operators running Series 3 sheetfed and web presses. There were also giveaways and prizes, such as personal HP technology items, Total Tools tool kit and an HP Indigo conductivity / density meter. 21
Best practices, tips and tricks: Operator Saturday at Currie Group
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