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Your association is recognised by federal and state government, and also the ACCC, as being at the forefront of the ongoing energy debate in Australia. PIAA’s ongoing dialogue with policy makers and regulators
is about getting government to focus on less costly and more reliable energy supply.
We see the continued focus
of the political parties on ideology, rather than delivery, as immensely damaging to SMEs. I am sometimes asked what we expect to achieve from these discussions? The answer is, if we do not keep pressure
on government, then the only argument that they hear is from people who are anti-business, and anti-print.
PIAA recently succeeded in ensuring that embedded networks (where the owner of an industrial park does
a deal with an electricity provider) must be disclosed, and business cannot be tied to these, often exhorbitant, energy grids. For those
“The big unions don’t want Australian jobs sent overseas, and the majority of Australians don’t either, but that is exactly what will happen when the unions keep pushing up minimum wages each year.”
training, HR management, contract negotiation and
more, in every capital city
in Australia, throughout the year. Industrial relations and HR seminars have already
been advertised in Sydney and Melbourne, and a business promotion course was run for PIAA members in Melbourne in the first week of March.
Calls for entry into the National Print Awards programme have commenced. All members are now entitled to a free entry in the NPAs, and we encourage you to take advantage of this. It is a great way to showcase the excellence of your business to your customers, and is a positive way to empower the creativity of your staff as they strive to win gold at a state and national level. The social aspect of the awards ceremonies is good for the industry. All national level winners will be seen in Parliament House in Canberra, as the visual communications sector raises its profile with our policymakers. 21
members who are in leased premises, this issue had been a significant problem. If you are having an issue in this area, let us know, and we will guide you to the people who can resolve the problem.
It was disappointing recently to hear a federal cabinet minister say that a policy position of government had been taken to “reduce
the amount of print” for sustainability reasons. Our industry is recognised world wide for our Sustainable Green Print accreditation, and this programme continues to be enhanced and provide value to participants. Your Association received an apology from the minister for his ill-considered comments, and we will
continue the mission to ensure that the sustainability of print is recognised.
PIAA events
By the time you are reading
this article, PIAA will have facilitated a mail industry seminar in Brisbane for the mail house sector of our dynamic print industry. This
is an exciting industry led initiative that PIAA is delighted to support, and we plan to
do more of. Bringing in best practice speakers to showcase innovation and ways to sell the value add of our industry services is a large part of the mission of PIAA for 2019.
Your Board is planning industry seminars on sales
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