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Tributes across the years
I’ve great admiration for David Currie as an individual and as a businessman. I admire that he’s built Currie Group to where it is now with his own money and at his own risk. It’s a great achievement.
Of course, he’s had his ups and downs, but it’s a testimony to the character of the man that he’s always enjoyed the loyalty of his international suppliers. They could have easily gone with the multinationals but they remained loyal to David. He always treats his customers like they’re family. It’s great to see his son Will continuing the tradition. I congratulate David on Currie’s 70th anniversary and his own 50 years in the business .
Paul Carthew – Managing Director, PrintMac
David Currie and I met about 30 years ago in the usual circumstance of buyer and seller. It was the beginning of a very easy relationship that initially developed because Currie Group had the right equipment to meet our requirements. Over time, David’s vast industry knowledge became a source of guidance and mentorship.
I have great admiration for an organisation that not only survives for 70 years but continues to mould itself not only to be fit for today but also for a successful tomorrow.
Congratulations to Currie Group on your 70th Birthday and to David Currie on your 50th.
A masterful achievement!
Leo Moio – Managing Director, Print Media Group
I first met David and his wife Julie 38 years ago. His father Bill was the same age as my father. David is the same age as me too. Therefore Currie Group and Horizon have a similar company history. Let’s continue the challenge until our 100th anniversary together. I am quite sure that our third generations can meet this target.
Eijiro Hori – President, Horizon
Bambra’s history with Currie Group goes back to the mid ’80s when it purchased one of the first single-colour Fuji presses in Australia. Further investments in Shinohara, Akiyama, Horizon and HP Indigo have cemented what is truly a long-term business partnership.
On a personal level, David Currie has become a very good friend and someone I can call on for a chat about almost anything. David’s journey in the industry has been epic and drawing from his knowledge is always rewarding (usually sharing a good laugh at the same time). David is a person who is generous in many ways and deserves the success he has earned.
John Wanless – Owner, Bambra Press
Congratulations David and to your dedicated team on celebrating the 70th anniversary of Currie Group. And to you David on celebrating 50 years servicing the print industry.
I would like to express my sincere thanks for all the advice, support, and always the fairest and sharpest deals throughout the years on both equipment and consumables. Your generosity and integrity has made my journey through operating a small business extremely enjoyable and rewarding. Our enduring friendship has been the most important part of our 30-year association.
All the very best for the future my friend,
Michael ‘Mick’ McDiarmid – Director, Emerald Press
My association with David started in 1991 when he walked into our first premises at Kedron. He was accompanied by our great mate, Haymen Zalm. From that day on I am very pleased and proud to call David a great mate and a great bloke!
We have done numerous business deals over the years, all on a handshake, and never once has there been a discrepancy! Mind you, I do remember a couple of phone calls the next day with David asking, “What did I sell you, and how much did you pay?”
Through the tough times and the good times David has been an absolute ‘class act.’ He is an icon of the industry!
Craig Walker – Director, IPG Connect
My relationship with David goes back to the days when Indigo was still a small business in a world dominated by offset. A small company based in Israel was trying to change a conservative industry that had been successful for decades with mature analogue presses and processes. David was the successful owner of Currie Group, which had built a strong customer base and provided great products and solutions. To his credit and a sign of his vision, he took on the Indigo business
in Australia and helped convert the market by helping his customers make the transition to digital.
On our joint journey over many years we have gone through ups and downs, some false starts and many great wins. David is passionate about his customers and about winning. He is not a shy one and speaks his mind, and it is not pleasant to hear what he has to say when you make a mistake or fail to meet your commitment to a customer. He will do the right thing
as needed and on a personal level we have had many great discussions around how to move the business ahead in an increasingly consolidating and competitive industry.
I am grateful for his close partnership, congratulate him on what he has built over 50 years and look forward to our continued journey on the road to drupa 2020 and beyond.
Alon Bar-Shany –
General Manager, HP Indigo
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