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P5 new eco-system: Matt Ashman, Durst sales manager ANZ
Active material feed: Lina Hakansson, Esko
Big impact:
Abe Weiszberger, Stick-on-Signs
Hybrid: Agfa Jeti Tauro H3300
Durst moves to
P5 platform
Durst is launched a new print platform, the P5, which includes hardware and software, plus a white label web-to-print textile solution that print businesses can use.
The P5 includes a trio of
new wide format printers: the flagship 250HS, and the hybrid 350 and 250. Also new is the Durst workflow software which includes Durst Smartshop e-commerce for B2B and B2C engagement. It includes an online editor, and is described by the company as an immersive customer experience.
Matt Ashman, national sales manager at Durst’s ANZ supplier PES said, “The P5 is designed to increase speed, productivity and versatility. It is a whole new ecosystem.”
The P5 series is based around a smaller ink droplet size, and comes with new LED curing for low energy costs. The flagship P5 250 HS pumps out up to 600sqm an hour at 1200dpi. The P5 210 is the entry level machine with a capability of around 120sqm an hour. The P5 350 is a 3.5m printer which is both roll to roll and flatbed.
Esko launches
cutting upgrades
Esko is launching two new hardware solutions at Fespa: the Motorised Roll Feeder for soft signage applications, and the Kongsberg C Edge, the upgradable digital cutting table.
Esko claims the Motorised Roll Feeder is the only solution
in the soft signage industry that delivers great cutting results
on tensile materials from the first cut through to the end of the roll. Eliminating inaccurate cuts on soft signage jobs due to wrinkles, stretch distortion or imperfectly rewound rolls, the new Motorised Roll Feeder has an active material feed to avoid stretching, by actively feeding the material to the Kongsberg C64 digital cutting table rather than pulling it.
The new upgradable Kongsberg C Edge delivers production capability of up to 75m/min at an acceleration of 1G. The table is complemented with a range of customizable fittings, including a conveyor feed system, a new Fast Tool Adapter which Esko says is to reduce downtime and maximise performance, a heavy-duty unit for high quality corrugated crease lines, and the CorruSpeed tool, a non-oscillating device for high quality cutting even at high production speeds.
Massivit making
big impact
Among all the flatbed and roll to roll printing systems at Fespa are some 3D printers, but only one produces the
size to make a big impact: the Israeli manufactured Massivit system.
Abe Weiszberger of Stick-on- Signs said the company was at Fespa promoting its 3D printers as a ‘complement’ to POS printing. He said, “We specialise in large format. The impact from Massivit is significantly more than just print.”
Being launched at the
show was the new 1800 Pro, which comes with a variable resolution option, while a “mega-quality” and a remote operation have also been added over the original version.
The Massivit 3D solutions are hollow, which allows them to be lit from the inside. Weiszberger said, “They are printed in UV, which means there is instant curing.”
According to Weiszberger, the main application is in advertising, with the Massivit able to recreate any product
in supersize for effect. The Fespa stand had shoes, jackets, watches, and ten pin bowls among its items on display.
Jeti Tauro centre stage for Agfa at 450sqm an hour
Centre stage at Agfa is the
Jeti Tauro H3300 LED hybrid printer, which is running with manual input and output tables at 450sqm an hour.
The 3.3m-wide machine is available as a roll-to-roll system or with manual loading and unloading, semi-automation or full automation.
Described by the company
as a “hybrid workhorse combining award-winning vivid six-colour print quality (plus white or primer) with extreme productivity, low ink consumption and automation, it produces smooth, detailed UV-cured prints up to 3.3m wide at up to 453 sqm an hour.”
The Jeti Tauro H3000
is available in three colour configurations: the six-colour (CMYK, light cyan, light magenta) Jeti Tauro H3300 LED 6C, the six-colour-plus-white Jeti Tauro H3300 LED 6C W12, and the six-colour-plus-white and primer Jeti Tauro H3300 LED 6C W8P4.
Agfa was also showing its 3.2m-wide Anapurna H3200 LED hybrid printer, a mid- range six-colour plus white hybrid LED-curing inkjet system, suited for a variety of rigid and flexible substrates up to 3.2m, for indoor and outdoor applications.
Agfa also had the latest version of its Asanti workflow tool showing on the stand. 21
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