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printIQ expands
with Infigo
Reinventing the wheel is not a recognised element in successful product development. printIQ insists it is much more than just an MIS and backs this up with the range of best in class software it delivers to the market. Latest addition is the UK-based Infigo e-commerce software.
Printers rely on their software suppliers to provide a one-stop shop for all their requirements, but it doesn’t mean that
the supplier has to create everything itself. As the leading print software system supplier in Australia and New Zealand, printIQ prides itself on
the range of functions it automates within its system. However it doesn’t pretend to develop everything
itself, especially when it has access to world-class products that can integrate into its offering.
A case in point is the company’s recent agency signing with Infigo. Mick Rowan, director of product development and marketing, recognised the need for a stand- alone e-commerce solution. Printers looking to address the internet, either in a B2B or B2C, or even a B2B2C want to be able to supply their customers with branded sites that
allow buyers to anonymously interact with the company. These are ideal extra functionalities that printers can offer in addition to the utility of the core printIQ workflow system.
One of the reasons why the two brands came together is that Infigo software fits easily into the printIQ system with little overlap and lots
of convenience. It allows printIQ to deliver modular e-commerce facility for printers who can decide how to brand the websites of their customers. Infigo operates across many different industries, not only in printing. It creates complete web-to-print and variable data systems for retail, corporate, and creative agency as well as printers. These can be easily rolled out by printIQ customers. According to Rowan, printIQ’s integration capabilities mean that Infigo can be brought seamlessly into the system.
“The integration factor is one of the greatest strengths of printIQ.
We currently integrate with Chili, Enfocus, Esko, Fuji Xerox, HP, Imp, Ultimate, XMPie, and Zapier, just to name a few,” he says. “We’re also very open to talking to other platforms, and via our Integrate module we offer a series of fully documented and comprehensive APIs that expose many of the workflows in printIQ.
“Essentially we’re completely agnostic with who we work with.”
Rowan signed the agency agreement with Douglas Gibson, managing director, Infigo, at
the recent Dscoop Edge show in Orlando. After being a reseller of Chili Software for the past five
years the agreement gives printIQ the ability to support its customers with the latest in e-commerce web technology as a stand alone product. It will continue to support its Chili Software customers but from now on will deliver the Infigo e-commerce product as part of its overall offering.
printIQ makes the running at Dscoop USA
Second time around for Mick Rowan reinforces the value of presenting printIQ production software face-to-face with serious prospects in Orlando Florida. Multiple sales proposals were generated at the show with firm expectations of good sales to follow.
Selling Australian and New Zealand developed products to the wider world of international printing is not for the feint- hearted. Slogging it out at international trade shows, manning the booths
while battling jet lag and late nights entertaining prospective clients, can
take a toll on the bravest heart.
It’s a challenge Mick Rowan relishes, as he notches up the frequent flyer miles bringing printIQ to the world. The director of product development
and marketing has paid his dues at trade shows and seminars, but he has a secret weapon to staying on the front foot – he runs, fast.
The energetic and determined Rowan believes that despite the hard grind, it’s essential to present printIQ’s advantages in person to printers in overseas markets. This time around he went to Dscoop Edge, the HP users group show in Orlando, Florida. He says it was worthwhile.
“Dscoop is the best show. The people are there to do something important
for their business. You can have serious conversations. These people paid to be there. They ask all the right questions about what’s possible, they get it,” he said.
This is the second Dscoop in the USA that Rowan and printIQ have attended but
it won’t be the last. He’s a firm believer in the value of the show. It not only provides an opportunity to meet new and existing customers but also to connect with his American distributors.
printIQ has a growing presence in North America, with Jonathan Bowen
in Canada, Linda Pollard and Matt Miloszewski in the USA. Adrian Fleming, sales director in Australia and Anthony Lew, founder and CEO in New Zealand make the trans-Pacific hop when required to back them up.
“North America is an important market for us. People are interested
in printIQ’s ability to automate and integrate. I expect we’ll close a number of deals on the back of this Dscoop,” said Rowan.
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