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Stahlfolder: 70 Oyears of folding
ver the past bottlenecks and speeding
seven decades, production through the bindery. Stahlfolder folding Since their release at last machines have set drupa, Heidelberg has sold 140
the benchmark in all format worldwide with many printers
Kwik Kopy franchisees to join PIAA en masse
Benefits in joining: Nick Tuit, Kwik Kopy Circular Quay, and owners group chair
relations, advocacy, training, and through its sustainable print programme.
“It will be clearly beneficial for Kwik Kopy franchisees to
be part of such a dynamic and engaged association, as it works for the industry and individual print business owners.
“The print industry needs
a clear and cohesive voice to cut through, and the PIAA provides this. It also provides on-demand services that
will be useful to Kwik Kopy franchisees. We can say the two organisations are now joined at the hip.” 21
classes. They have led the
way not just in the quality of their folding, but also in their reliability and innovation.
The brand has evolved its technology based on lessons learned from several thousand installations at customer sites all over the world.
It’s 20 years since Heidelberg acquired the folding equipment maker in 1999. Originally founded in 1949 by Kurt Stahl and Adolf Döpfert as
Stahl & Co. the brand has become the gold standard for finishing equipment. Its newest generation folding machines can keep pace with press output, eliminating
purchasing multiple machines. The first new generation
Stahl TH82-P in Australia
has now landed at Southern Colour in Keysborough. Richard Timson, managing director, Heidelberg Australia and New Zealand has labelled it a “game changer”. While admitting the high-technology machine requires “a reasonable investment,” with a top speed of 15,000 iph, he believes it has
the potential to turbo charge folding operations and transform print finishing. 21
Richard Timson: “It’s a game changer.”
There are 84 Kwik Kopy franchisees responsible for 96 stores, four-fifths of whom are in the owners group. All these will now become PIAA members. Kwik Kopy itself is also a member.
Nick Tuit, owner of Kwik Kopy Circular Quay, and chair of the owners’ group, welcomed the move. He said, “Under Andrew Macaulay’s tenure as CEO the PIAA has clearly put its troubles of
a few years ago behind it. Today the association offers tremendous benefits to its members, in IR, government
74 Print21 MAY/JUNE 2019
industry association PIAA, with the owners’ group unanimously voting to join at its biennial conference.
he majority of Kwik Kopy franchisees
are set to become members of the peak

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