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New R454C unit to replace R410A
MITSUBISHI HEAVY INDUSTRIES Thermal Systems Ltd (MHI) has adopted R454C, a refrig- erant with much lower global warming potential (GWP), in a 1-horsepower (HP) class residential air-conditioner.
It is a significant improvement over R410A and R32 and the company has been able to overcome conventional shortcomings associated with mixed refrigerants such as inferior heat ex- changer performance.
The use of proprietary technology has opti- mized the heat exchanger’s flow volume and made other improvements.
MHI Thermal Systems Ltd has already devel- oped a demonstration unit of the residential air- conditioner featuring R454C and preparations are underway to undertake mass production in the near future.
Initially, the company is eyeing the European market to launch the unit, where environmental regulations are particularly stringent.
The R454C refrigerant has an ozone depletion potential (ODP) of 0 (zero) and a GWP of 146 (CO2=1).
The latter value is approximately 1/14th and 1/5th the respective GWP levels of refrigerants cur- rently and most widely used in air-conditioners of small/medium scale: R410A (2090) and R32 (675).
Overall the global warming impact (GWP x re- frigerant volume) from the demonstration unit’s
New R454C residential air conditioner.
refrigerant represents a 91.3% reduction from the MHI Thermal Systems’ previous model for the European market which used R410A.
Going forward, MHI Thermal Systems said it will continue to dedicate its resources to devel- oping and marketing high-performance prod- ucts using low-GWP refrigerants, thereby con- tributing to the environmental protection of markets everywhere.
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