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New products
Feature rich units for the modern age
CARRIER'S LATEST ADDITION, the Aura In- verter Hi-Wall Split System, is an air conditioner for the modern age.
Engineered for low environmental impact, the system is powered by R32 refrigerant, which has zero ozone layer depletion and low global warm- ing potential.
The extended list of features begins with the tried and tested brushless DC inverter technolo- gy, allowing the new Aura Inverter Hi-Wall Split System to maximise energy economy and achieve optimum comfort, even at an outdoor temperature as high as 500C and as low as -150C for heating.
Other clever features include the Follow Me sensor which is installed in the remote control- ler, so that the air conditioner regulates the tem- perature around the remote controller’s location as the user moves around the room.
The company's general manager of sales and marketing, George Azzam, said the product is also intuitive with a Louver position memory feature that “automatically moves into the posi- tion you set it last time it was in use.”
He said the features extends to the outdoor unit, with the new Carrier Aura Inverter Hi-Wall Split System featuring Golden Coil Protection – an anticorrosive golden coating on the heat ex- changers which offers additional protection from salty air, rain and other corrosive elements.
“Carrier products are always packed full of features and this new product is no different, with a self-cleaning capacity that removes ex- cess moisture and the excellent 5-year warran-
ABOVE: Carrier's latest product boasts a long list of impressive features.
ty for long-term satisfaction and peace of mind,” Azzam said.
“Carrier always represents such great value for money and this is no exception with the new Carrier Aura Inverter Hi-Wall Split System.”
Smarter tools for project quoting
IN ADDITION TO the recent release of the Gas- 2Go Cylinder Management App, Kirby has re- leased further developments to the SmartAccess customer portal.
Enhancements within the Project Tools plat- form now deliver greater functionality and time- saving features for customers to streamline and achieve better control over their project quotes.
This progression of the Smart Access Project Tools platform is another industry first for Kirby.
The Project Tools already widely used by ac- count holders, now provide more ways to build and quote projects.
Users can now build large multi-systems within a single project, create multiple loads within a sin- gle system and have easier access to the heat load calculator, with more heat load types available.
In terms of usability, an updated interface al- lows for easier navigation and new customisable system and load templates have been built into
the program. There are increased capital equip- ment selection options, warning alerts if selec- tion inconsistencies occur and detailed report options for quoting and convenient forwarding.
Users also have the ability to request a Kirby engineer to design a rack system to suit the pro- ject’s requirements and add the compressor rack to the project.
Kirby sales & marketing manager Brett Hedge said existing users were calling for even greater functionality from the online platform.
“All customers can benefit from the addition of the standalone product selection capability and for larger applications we have added scale in the tool providing the ability to build large multi-load systems and product selections to suit,” he said.
“Time-saving comes in the form of being able to create system and room templates and main- tain a list of favourite loads to avoid re-entering details for common loads. These are just two added features.
“Customers can also add notes such as photos and drawings against each project for greater collaboration between themselves and Kirby.”
These industry leading Project Tools are unique to Kirby and accessible to customers with a smart@ccess account. If you are not al- ready a smart@ccess user, contact your Account Manager to register your business today.
RIGHT: Users have more ways to build and quote projects.

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