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ranges therefore reducing the require- ment to re-map if you use the same train- ing area again. An example of this is cur- rently being developed at Mount Stuart Training Area in Townsville.
An additional key feature that the RMTs provide is instant and detailed statistics of the effectiveness and ac- curacy of the firers. Every hit is regis- tered and includes feedback between the separation of lethal hits to the head, spine and vital organs, as well as non-lethal hits to the extremities such as hands, arms and shoulders.
This information can be used to assist soldiers’ individual application of fire against the target and there- fore identify weaknesses that will de- termine future training requirements. This is also applicable for the effec- tive use of fire control orders and break-in at the team level.
The way forward for this capability is entirely dependent on the user spe- cific training objectives and their indi- vidual innovation. Information shar- ing across the. RAR and broader user group will assist greatly in the appli- cation of the targetry and shorten the learning loop for all personnel. Per- haps in future programs like Training Area Safety and Management Infor- mation Systems (TASMIS) could con- tain the range trace and subsequent’ enemy’ mapping to enable individual platoons to conduct field firing with greater ease and with minimal notice.
Overall, the greatest utility in the robotic target can be found in its versatility. The capacity to support a ‘crawl, walk, run’ training methodolo- gy, with respect to both basic marks- manship and reality based training evolutions; robotic target platforms are a key in enhancing our lethality, survivability and battle cunning as a dismounted fighting organisation.
About the author: Jack Westhorpe is currently OC Alpha Company, 2RAR. Previous postings have included 1RAR, SOCOMD and RMC-D. This article was compiled with the assistance of Ashley Moran, 1RAR and Andrew Davis, 3RAR and first appeared on The Cove. | September 2018 | 97

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