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The first stage of the project kicked off in April 2017, comprising initial studies with CEA Technologies on potential phased array radar configu- rations, followed by a contract signed with the Canberra company to develop a tactical radar (CEATAC) and a larger cueing radar (CEAOPS).
configuration of the two CEA Technol- ogies’ radars, and the Thales Hawkei 4x4 protected mobility vehicle.
The Raytheon contract involved five work packages, each formulated to exam- ine risks that had been identified at First Pass and to provide a better understand- ing of future challenges.
These relate to two options under inves- tigation for potential government consid- eration; the first a relatively low risk ma- ture NASAMS in-service solution with some potential future enhancements.
Option 2 is an upgraded ver- sion of Option 1 currently in development which offers ad- vanced technologies and more functionality within the wider
Concept for the truck based element of Land 19 Phase 7B.
In October 2017, the project con- cluded a $12.1 million RMA con- tract with Raytheon that included investigating the potential integra-
tion into the final NASAMS
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