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Vehicle work
CEATAC, analogous to the Sentinel, can be mounted on the back of a Hawkei or on a trailer and provides direct fire control and general surveillance which would also feed into the recognised air picture.
Following a series of design iterations a CEATAC prototype was to be handed over to the Commonwealth at the Land Forces exposition this month, with testing getting underway at Port Wakefield north of Adelaide a week later.
CEAOPS, a development of the com- pany’s active phased array S-band ground- based multimission radar (GBMMR), is configurable as either a fixed or truck- mounted system.
“The way we would like to fight NASAMS is to also have a longer-range cuing radar sit- ting back at a point of entry which can see quite a large distance and give early warning to the force,” COL Mallett said. “I glibly call the Operational Radar an E-7 Wedgetail on the ground; it’s a big radar, it puts out a fair bit of power and it looks very capable.
“We’ve asked CEA to do CEATAC for us first as it will form the critical compo- nent of a NASAMS fire unit. If one works well the other one should do as well, it’s effectively the same technology and in- terface in NASAMS, it’s just different plumbing and packing.”
With Initial Operational Capabil- ity (IOC) set for 2022-23 - Full Opera- tional Capability (FOC) is scheduled for 2025-26 - Land 19 Phase 7B is likely to be the first new or upgraded element in the broader-ranging Project Air 6500.
“Integrating Land 19 as a node on a much larger system will not necessarily be complex, you just need the right com-
The NASAMs system, the reference for Land 19 Phase 7B, is in service with Norway.
munication interface and that will be Link 16,” according to COL Mallett. “While we’re waiting for the centrality of an air battle management system we might have more point-to-point interactions with a Wedgetail or an air warfare destroyer.”
Supply chain
With the conclusion of the work packages – a last involved early training on the air de- fence console for personnel of 16 Air Land Regiment – work will begun on developing a business case for Army to present to gov- ernment early next year. This will include the outcome of a number of workshops held around Australia by Raytheon in November-December 2017 to engage with industry about supply chain opportunities.
Raytheon Australia Managing Direc- tor Michael Ward told ADM that more than 200 suppliers across Australia have now been engaged by his company and Kongsberg to determine opportunities for Australian industry to contribute to the program, with a number of suppliers already identified to support the program throughout its development.
“As the specific capability requirements for this program are finalised, a number of these Australian suppliers and SMEs will be contracted to deliver unique Austra- lian components,” Ward comments. “This whole-of-industry approach to the Land 19 program will effectively develop and grow a truly sovereign land systems inte- gration capability and workforce.”
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