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The RLD Group of companies is better known as the sum of its parts; LightForce, NightForce, Paroo Pastoral Company, EuroOptic Australia, Horus Vision Reticle Systems and the soon to be launched ForceOrdnance businesses. ADM Managing Editor Katherine Zieing spoke to CEO Monika Leniger-Sherratt about the growth the of the SA-based business and where they’re headed.
A Force to be reckoned with
THE privately owned group of compa- nies has been working in South Australia for over 30 years, with a massive business in the US based on scopes and optics for the commercial market. With close to 100 people on the books in Australia alone, with another 150 spread around the world, the company is now looking at expanding through ForceOrdnance (to be officially launched this month at Land Forces) with an eye to the small arms market.
“To date, our success in defence and law enforcement agencies (globally) has been achieved through our innovative design, stringent specifications, quality standards and our product support program,” Leni- ger-Sherratt said to ADM. “To this end, we have partnered with a US designer, manufacturer and supplier of small arms systems solutions to some of our NATO and Commonwealth partners.”
While she was hesitant to be drawn on the details of the company at the time of writing, Leniger-Sherratt said “this com- pany is already supplying NZ and UK military and law enforcement agencies and our plan is to further refine the design,
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