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The Power of Proximity
Supporting Defence in Australia’s North
Strategically Located
Australia’s most vital activity centre for Defence and national security.
Proven Industrial Capability
Experienced in supporting Defence and other national security agencies.
Contemporary Infrastructure
Extensive land, sea and air training and exercise areas underpinned by nation building investment in infrastructure.
Local Defence industries have the capabilities and capacity to support Northern Territory based
platforms such as the Bushmaster, Armidale Class Patrol Boats and Armed Reconnaissance
Helicopters as well as increased support requirements for major exercises such as
Pitch Black and Kakadu.
The Northern Territory Government is committed to increased development and
support of Defence growth by investing in major projects such as the multi user
barge ramp, Defence Support Hub, Marine Strong Economy Industry Park and construction of a ship lift
Healthy and competitive business to support industries servicing the Navy’s environment with a supportive future Offshore Patrol Vessels. government and community.
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