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personnel to fulfil GENAD roles on Ex- ercise Talisman Sabre 2017 (EXTS17), according to ASPI’s Women Peace and Security series of publications.
The ADF Operational Gender Advisor course was piloted in June 2017 after an extensive training needs analysis, design and development process.
The course was developed to ensure that sufficient numbers of ADF person- nel are trained to incorporate gender con- siderations into the Joint Military Appre- ciation Process, and into the execution of operations, which is key to implementing a gender perspective on operations.
FROM TOP: Technical Trade winner Jamie Neggers of Top Aces with MC Tracy Spicer
Middle: Rising Star winner Tamara White from ASC with Caroline Dawson, Director of IT Services at Leidos.
Bottom: SYPAC CEO Amanda Holt speaks of her experience in the Defence community.
The ADF course was also designed to meet the growing demand and need for trained GENADs on multinational, bilateral and Australian-led operations and exercises.
Student evaluations of the pilot course were overwhelmingly positive. The greatest test of the training, however, occurred during Ex Talisman Sabre 2017. Newly graduated students were required to fulfil the GENAD role within a complex, high-tempo opera- tional scenario and performed very well.
To meet the high demand for this train- ing, HQJOC delivered a second pilot course in October 2017. The ADF’s Peace Operations Training Centre will deliver the course from late 2018.
“I have always understood that I was “other” in my industry,” SYPAQ CEO Amanda Holt said at the Women in De- fence Awards luncheon. “However it wasn’t until my first major project work- ing in the dockyard that the extent of this “otherness” was truly felt.
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“Numbers are not the only measure of equality, but they are a fair indication of whether an organisation is achieving equity of access and opportunity.”

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