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1. REDWING Suite of Counter-IED Devices - Sustainment Contract Award and Production
While Redwing might be well known to many of you, the pro- gram is still kicking goals with an- other 34,000 units produced in 2017. Working with DST Group, the new evolved units from L3 Micreo were delivered months ahead of schedule as requested by Defence while maintaining the 156,000 units already delivered to local forces in Afghanistan.
2. Australian Designed and
Manufactured Radar Absorbing
Materials for Navy - WINNER
Using a material first used in the
submarine fleet, Mackay Consoli-
dated Industries and Defence fitted
an Australian designed and made product in a massively compressed time frame for a fraction of the budgeted cost. Demonstrating innovation on nu- merous fronts, this program delivered a world-class capability to the FFG fleet with industry working with DST Group and the RAN to a common aim.
The award judges were particularly impressed with the true collaborative spirit shown in the RAM project.
1. Project AIR 2025 Phase 6 - Jindalee Operational Radar Network (JORN) Upgrade – WINNER
While the winner for Phase 6 of JORN has been announced, this program focused on getting the program ready from the project management and approvals pro- cess perspectives. Working at re- mote sites across the country as well as Canberra, the CASG and Ja- cobs Australia IPT team guided the program from inception through to second pass approval in December 2017. The team engaged early and constantly with both internal and external stakeholders to meet the demanding requirements of the high technology program.
2. Defence Experimentation Airborne
Platform (DEAP) Modification, Operation and Support
DSTG’s airborne ISR experimentation lab sees the nation’s premier defence science and technology provider working with Hawker Pacific to provide a flexible turnkey so- lution. With both parties managing their own respectively strict regulatory require- ments from all over the nation including in remote areas, the service provided by DEAP is an excellent example of what a focused team can achieve together.
CASG and Jacobs Australia laid the contracting foundation for the next phase of the JORN upgrade program.
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