Page 73 - Australian Defence Magazine September 2018
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Stand 2D7 for the official Date: 4 Sep, 2018 launch of the R150 Time: 3pm-4pm
The R150 is a light weight remote weapon system designed for 5.56mm, 7.62mm and 12.7mm calibre weapons suitable for both wheeled and tracked vehicles.
• Light weight, compact to facilitate mobility and manoeuvrability
• No below roof penetration
• 75kg gimbal and sensor unit
• All sensors (laser range finder, day and thermal cameras) housed in a single compact unit
• A high precision single weapon station capable of deploying 30mm firepower on a system weighing less than 400kg
• 3-axis stabilizer
• Flexible ballistic protection
• Small dispersed control modules allow integration into tight internal vehicle spaces
• Sub-milliradian accuracy
Multi-Mission Kit
One weapon system. One point of integration. One user interface. Many capabilities.
• Active and passive UAS detection
• Soft kill and hard kill UAS engagement • VSHORAD capability
• Acoustic shot detection
• Electronic warfare capabilities
R400S-Mk2 DUAL
All of the features of the R400S-Mk2, plus:
• Fully stabilized meteorological sensors
• Coaxial MG and missile integration
• Fourth axis stabilization option
• Military and security applications
• Integrated sensor units with continuous zoom thermal imager and daylight camera
• Eyesafe laser rangefinder

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