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$50m plant boosts French sourdough
French baker Laurent Boillon has completed a $50m building project ahead of a 10-year contract with Coles.
LAURENT Boillon, who has become well-known in Australia for his unique ferment (known as levain in French), asked Efi Group to provide the trade personnel to help it assemble
a new baking plant last year. Dutch machinery was supplied by KAAK and German machinery from DAUB.
The new plant and technology will help the baker fulfill a
new ten-year supply agreement with Coles supermarkets for
a range of artisan-style sourdough loaves.
The $50 million project involved converting the old Phillip Morris warehouse in Braeside, Victoria. Efi Group supplied electrical and mechanical labour to assemble
the machinery, and continues to provide maintenance personnel for ongoing support.
Efi Group operations manager Scott Oliver said it was a pleasure to be involved in the construction of the new, highly automated facility.
“It’s great to see people such as Laurent believing and investing in Australian manufacturing,” he said.
“Our future is in automation if we are to stay competitive.”
Boillon uses traditional French recipes in the new factory, which can produce 150,000 preservative-free loaves per day.
Coles says demand for gourmet bread is on the rise, and the partnership makes it
more accessible for consumers. The first loaves to be sold are
Coles Finest Sourdough Pane di Casa with Toasted Sesame, Finest Sourdough Vienna, and the classic Finest Sourdough Baguette.
Each loaf takes 30 hours to create, according to Boillon, who has been a long-time stalwart in Melbourne’s baking scene. He sources all his flour from Laucke Flour Mills near Bendigo, Victoria.
“Over the years we have developed a wide levain range, and the products within that range are authentic sourdough, made with a sourdough starter that was established many years ago at the first bakery
in Como, NSW.”
ABOVE: French-born baker Laurent Boillon has signed an agreement to supply his bread, which is made in the French tradition, to Coles for 10 years.
Speciality lubricants for the baking industry: We have the right recipe
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