Page 11 - foodservice magazine August 2019
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and casual. It should be more mixed. In France, people are looking for more casual places, like Rigmarole for French- slash-Japanese yakitori, and Le Serran, one of the best neo- bistros in Paris.”
Mathias and Thomas Suhring of modern German restaurant Suhring, Bangkok, on getting back to your roots:
“With globalisation, cuisines are starting to merge with
one another. We used to cook European food with Thai influences – it tasted good, but
there was no soul. Now we cook the German food of our heritage but elevate the elements to a gastronomic level. It’s important for chefs to focus on their roots and save their traditions for the next generation.”
Jose Andres, US-based Spanish chef and founder
of Think Food Group, on
his work with non-profit World Central Kitchen, which provides meals in the wake of natural disasters:
“At the moment we have people trying to build walls of exclusion.
Immigrants like me need to make sure we are a voice for inclusion. We can change the world, one plate of food at a time.”
Mauro Colagreco, Argentine- Italian chef of Mirazur on the French Riviera, on winning the number one spot in this year’s 50 Best list:
“I would like to express to
all the chefs in the world, my love, my gratitude and my admiration, because we need to love one another. We need to share, and to go further than borders and barriers.”

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