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Connecting the packaging world
Hardware and software solutions provider Esko has long aimed to simplify packaging. Now, it has a new goal – “Packaging Connected” – and a suite of products which it promises will link up all stages of the packaging workflow.
RTIOSCAD, Studio, and WebCenter are three of the key software planks in the goal of connecting the packaging process, says Scott Thompson, re- gional marketing and channels
manager at Esko.
“ArtiosCAD and Studio are the in-
teractive editors for creating packag- ing design in 3D,” he says. “WebCenter is the overarching platform that manages the packaging process and ties all the design tools, ArtiosCAD, and Studio together.”
With 20 years of experience behind it, Esko bills its ArtiosCAD computer aided design software as an ideal toolkit for packaging
designers. The software allows the view- ing and construction of 3D models with a suite of customisation options.
ArtiosCAD is equipped with a number of design tools and modules aimed at helping structural designers save time on high- quality output, says Thompson.
“ArtiosCAD is the world’s leading struc- tural design solution for packaging and displays. Twenty years of experience result in the strongest collection of dedicated tools for structural design, product development, virtual prototyping and die-making.
“The tools give the user extensive graphi- cal feedback, making ArtiosCAD very pre- cise, yet easy to learn and use. Many of the design tools work automatically, dramatical-
Easy and accurate: Esko’s ArtiosCAD software.
ly increasing the productivity of designers.” For example, ArtiosCAD aims to solve the time-consuming problem of packaging
objects with unusual or complex shapes. “ArtiosCAD allows you to import 3D CAD models of a product to automatically build a package with the appropriate di- mensions around that product. This way it becomes very easy for designers to create packaging that accurately fits the prod-
uct,” says Thompson.
To make it easier for designers, Ar-
tiosCAD is compatible with industry- standard 3D formats including Collada, IGES, STEP, SolidWorks, CATIA, Pro En- gineer, Inventor, SAT, Siemens NX, Para- solid, and VRML.
“Making packaging and displays for products with complex shapes can be a time-consuming challenge. ArtiosCAD al- lows you to import 3D CAD models of a product to automatically build a package with the appropriate dimensions around that product,” says Thompson.
“This way it becomes very easy for de- signers to create packaging that accurately fits the product.”
A library of templates is another time- saving measure, with ArtiosCAD users being able to choose from corrugated, fold- ing carton and point of sale templates to suit their needs.
“A single template can automatically be resized to create thousands of designs with fixed dimensions,” says Thompson. “Ar- tiosCAD can also save hours of design work by turning custom designs into new, resizable templates.”
All of these tools make it simple for structural designers to create models ready to show the customer, says Thompson. “You can show your customers new de- signs directly in 3D. Even designs with
working faster and more creatively, and the artwork that you deliver is technically more correct.”
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