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Stage 2:
Digital maturity check
Assess the existing condition of the 4 equipment and its capabilities.
Just another smart service from SMC
Identify the key enablers required to achieve outcomes. Ensure the compatibility and scalability and future proof the ecosystem. Upskill your operators, update your hardware and software.
Stage 4:
SMC works with you to develop a customised solution which delivers tangible benefits and returns.
Industry 4.0? Easy as 1, 2, 3, IIoT
We take a practical approach to Industry 4.0 and walk the journey with you.
To unlock the true potential of your manufacturing operation, start with SMC’s four-stage roadmap to deployment:
1 Stage 1:
Understand the drivers for change Why do you want to change?
Set targets.
3 Stage 3: Enablers
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