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lored requests for proposals. The Defence Innovation Hub also manages a portfolio of 28 legacy innovation projects worth approximately $61.2 million.
In its start-up phase, the Next Generation Technologies Fund has made investments and announced further part- nerships with 24 Australian universities (spent $9.9 million in grants to universi- ties), 19 companies and two government organisations, in five primary streams of collaborative research.
Total full time defence workforce average for both uniformed and APS is forecast to be 76,167 (down 99 people from 2016- 2017) and is forecast to stay around that level across the forward four years of esti- mates, with growth in uniformed numbers rather than APS.
Budget papers this year, as mentioned previously, lack figures on the level of con- tractor support into the Department. The new MSP panel framework is still bedding down but there are early questions being raised as to how the system will work in a practical sense, particularly for SMEs.
Operational funding has dropped from $903.1 million last year to $750.1 million this year, down 17 per cent, mainly due to the wind up of fast jet operations in January this year under OKRA in the Middle East.
ADF foreign operations include:
• ACCORDION – Provide support to Operation HIGHROAD, OKRA, MANITOU and other ADF activities from
within the Gulf States – $306.5 million
LEFT: Vehicle programs under Land 121 Phase 4 (Hawkei) and Land 400 are Army's big ticket items.
Integrated Investment Program projects in development for first pass approval consideration within the financial year 2017-18
JP 9711 Phase 1
Core Simulation Capability Down select to two teams made
SEA 3035 Phase 1
Navy Training Pipeline ? Simulation Requirements
LAND 17 Phase 1C.2
Future Artillery Ammunition Approved in January 2018. Awarded to NIOA and
Rheinmetall for Assegai rounds
LAND 8115 Phase 1
Mortar Ammunition ? Replacement
LAND 121 Phase 5B
Overlander – Medium and Heavy ? Tactical Training Vehicles
LAND 154 Phase 2
Joint Counter Improvised ? Explosive Device Capability
LAND 400 Phase 2
Mounted Combat Rheinmetall selected as Reconnaissance Capability preferred bidder
SEA 1180 Phase 1
Offshore Patrol Vessel Approved November 2017. Lürssen selected as
designer with ASC/CIVMEC as build team.
SEA 5000 Phase 1
Future Frigate (Design and To be announced in June Construction)
AIR 7000 Phase 1B
Multi-mission Unmanned To be announced this Aircraft System calendar year
SEA 1439 Phase 6
Collins Sonar Capability Second pass achieved in Assurance October 2017
Submarine Escape Rescue & Decision on shortlist to be SEA 1354 Phase 1 Abandonment Systems made later this calendar
SEA 1397 Phase 5B
Nulka Missile Decoy Approved in November 2017 Enhancements
AIR 6000 Phase 3
Weapons and Countermeasures ? for Air Combat Capability
AIR 6013 Phase 1
Automatic Dependent Underway under Plan Surveillance – Broadcast Jericho
capability for Hawk Lead-in
AIR 3023 Phase 1
Enhanced Maritime Strike for the ? Air Combat Capability
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