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Creating Defence Science Research Networks for Australia
“Team Defence Australia events provide support to export-ready companies.”
Team Defence Australia
FROM cables to universities and circuits to systems, the 60-organisation strong del- egation of Australian companies and uni- versities headed to London for the DSEi conference are in good hands under the Team Defence Australia (TDA) banner. Working under the auspices of the Centre for Defence Industry Capability (CDIC), the TDA approach has been successful for some years now in raising the profile of Aus- tralian businesses at overseas events.
Team Defence Australia events provide export-ready companies with access to new or existing markets and international sup- ply chains.
The events are organised by the Austra- lian Defence Export Office in conjunction with the CDIC and Austrade, and coordi- nated with state and territory governments. The CDIC supports TDA by managing event registrations, helping businesses to
get the most out of trade missions and lever- aging relationships with prime companies through the Global Supply Chain program.
Attending an overseas tradeshow or par- ticipating in a trade mission is a lower cost option for companies looking to export their products and services, benchmark themselves internationally or research their competitors.
The events are led by a two or three star military officer, are supported by Defence, Austrade and many of the defence prime companies, and are coordinated with the state and territory governments.
Companies participating in TDA activities have had success directly through sales, increase in international contacts and networks, intro- duction to key international decision-makers and enhanced international profile.
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