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Patrick Howard wings his way north of Cairns to XMPie’s inaugural innovation event.
36 Digital textile design
Wild Format author Professor Paul Lindstrom shows you how to make your digital textile printing top-notch.
40 One-way vision
Jake Nelson finds out how printing on a new window film brought the past to life in Newcastle.
48 Labelexpo Chicago
Australians flocked to Labelexpo Americas in the Windy City – your guide to what was hot on the show floor.
50 Future-proofing labels
Jake Nelson discovers how hybrid presses can help label converters stay ahead of a changing market space.
Holmesglen looks outwards Paul Ross, programme director at the Victoria print training centre gives
52 an update and shares his vision for the future.
Uniting for real media
A new industry association is born to promote the value of print and paper.
Print2 Parliament Wayne Robinson heads to Canberra as the PIAA promotes
16 print to politicians.
Konica Minolta awards
Imagination Graphics beats a record number of entrants in this year’s
20 National Specialised Print Awards.
IVE in $50m Franklin Web investment
The marketing services 26 group opens its new
Mission Critical Service Delivery
Delivering fast and reliable service to ensure maximum utilisation is more than a mission statement for Konica Minolta; it’s the way the company aims to distinguish itself in the fiercely competitive digital printing market.
Richard Timson explains the new way to finance your presses, with Fred Soar taking up the offer.
Subscribing to Heidelberg
Franklin Web print centre in NSW.
64 A marriage of convenience
Steve Crowe examines the phenomenal growth of trade printing, talking to the major for-trade players.
Digital embellishment
To outsource or not to outsource? Jake Nelson investigates when to buy your
66 own embellishing equipment.
Avon calling
Tate Hone leads one of the most dynamic businesses in the industry and is not
68 resting on his laurels.
72 Gecko sticks with trade clients
Ron Mair says the Queensland signage
and sticker printer is returning to its roots.
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