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Iridesse shines for Scott Print Leading WA operation Scott Print is enjoying the benefits of its new Fuji Xerox Iridesse six-colour digital
printer. Joint general manager John Scott shares his experience with Print21 editor Wayne Robinson.
Starting as an offset printing house, Scott Print has
been growing its digital business for several years now, to complement its lithographic operation. With print run lengths coming down all the time, and demand for quicker turnarounds increasing, the WA printer has been steadily investing in digital, to the point where it is now the leading digital outfit on the west coast, and is seeing its digital print rise to account for around 30 per cent of turnover.
John Scott, joint general manager along with his cousin Tim, says, “We are seeing an increasing demand for high-quality short-run work in areas such as marketing and advertising collateral, and there are other markets that are ready for digital. We are also increasingly adding embellishments such as digital foiling with the likes of golds, silvers, coppers and pinks, which are all contributing to the high value print we are able to supply.”
With two Fuji Xerox Colour
1000s, two Xerox (monochrome) Nuvera, and a Fuji Xerox Versant, the business is well versed in digital printing and the digital print market. As the digital business sees continuing growth, Scott Print was looking to make the next step and was keen to be able to offer a point of differentiation to the market, thus
adding to its bottom line.
John Scott says, “Scott Print is a
progressive business. We work hard to evolve and to make sure we are positioned to capitalise on emerging opportunities in markets and technology.”
The Iridesse – launched a year ago by Fuji Xerox – is far from a standard digital print engine. For a start, it has six print units which accommodate CMYK plus any two from the quartet of metallic silver, metallic gold, white and clear varnish. It also has an ability to print on thicker stock and can print sheets up to 1.2m long.
“...there is no doubt at all that the Iridesse prints to offset quality.”
Already a Fuji Xerox users Scott says, “We did of course look at other systems, but the Iridesse just had options that we could see would work for our clients. And having all our presses from one supplier is one point of contact.”
Surpassing expectations
The new Iridesse was installed
in August this year, with Scott
Print now fully up to speed on
its capabilities. John Scott says,
“The Iridesse has surpassed my expectations, in quality, flexibility and productivity. Its ability to
print white ink is important to
us, particularly for clients in the marketing and advertising agency sector who really embrace printing on black stock and other coloured stock; it gives them an ability to create
a perception of high quality. We thought the demand would be there for it, and so it has proved.”
“The gold and silver that the Iridesse lays down is sparkling, a real bonus, and again is being warmly embraced by the market. The creatives are all looking to set their work apart, and when we communicate the ability of the Iridesse to them you can see their excitement. All these options on the Iridesse are available within one pass, which meets their need for speed of turnaround. Our clients are really happy with the investment we have made.”
Along with the Iridesse, Scott Print also invested in the Fuji Xerox Freeflow Core digital workflow solution and XMPie, which has seen all its digital presses go onto the one central network. Prior to that the printers
all operated through their individual Fiery rips. John Scott says, “The level of automation that we have been able to achieve through Freeflow has blown our socks off. Impositions, finishing,
it is all now controlled by Freeflow.
We have the Duplo finishing solution, the set-up is created in Freeflow. The workflow is a revelation.”
Scott Print knows that to stay ahead you must keep moving, and its investment in the Fuji Xerox Iridesse shows what a positive experience this can be. 21
Scott says, “The Iridesse was appealing to us as it offers options that are not available on other systems. Being able to print
400gsm card is good, especially for applications such as business card printing. The long sheet ability means we can print 1.2 metre banners, but it is also good for multiple other applications, including book jackets, particularly for A4 landscape books.
“The quality is outstanding. Scott Print was first an offset printer,
and there is no doubt at all that the Iridesse prints to offset quality. In fact, the look is really similar to the way our Komori H-UV presses print.”
Options: (l-r) Murray Scott, Fuji Xerox Australia; John Scott, and Tim Scott, with the new six-colour Fuji Xerox Iridesse.

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