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The co-location of PrintEx19, Visual Impact and the Label & Packaging Expo 2019, heralds the dawn of a new age, unifying the commercial print, wide format,
signage and label and packaging industries. It’s going to be a massive event,
bringing together over 7000 industry professionals from across the world for what
will be the most comprehensive, interactive and proactive expo the industry has seen.
The three shows will have – under one roof – over 6000sqm of the latest technology, materials and services designed to take businesses and professionals into the future. But it is a lot more than just technology. It’s going to feature the most comprehensive range of educational programs, talks, networking events, displays and demonstrations for the whole industry.
Bringing the whole industry together
is essential. It’s an era of incredible transformation. Consumer habits, Government legislation, technology
and social trends have rapidly changed, impacting all sectors of the industry. The result is a greater need for professionalism, tighter deadlines, less room for error, tighter cost control and a growing focus
on automation, whilst looking to capitalise on the ability to personalise product and work in tandem with digital technology.
It’s a lot to deal with, which is why unifying the different sectors of the industry is essential to move forward together and embrace the challenges and opportunities that are coming.
The inclusion of the Label & Packaging Expo 2019 is exciting. This vibrant segment is growing considerably, and provides a lot of opportunity for small, medium and large providers, as well as the companies that make and supply the tools and technology the segment needs. As equipment prices have come down and the means of production have become more readily available, more and more businesses in the commercial and wide format sectors are
Unification ... The

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