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Southerington kTeeping craft alive
his is industry supplier and has more presses under Neil Southerington’s renovation, including Chandler print room in Linton, and Price Thompson and Victoria, with his rare Heidelberg, with the latter is
1870 Conisbee made in London, almost finished.
Museum stars in movie
Movie star: John Berry on the Linotype at the Penrith Museum of Print.
Ottmar Mergenthaler, and can fairly be described as
one of the most disruptive technologies in the history of print, ending the 400-year-old hand compositing trade.
The machine – first installed by the New York Tribune – was arguably the most complicated mechanical contraption ever devised. The world’s greatest inventor Thomas Edison described it as ‘the eighth wonder of the world’. 21
and a 1920 Golding Jobber. He makes his own type
with a Ludlow type setter,
Neil - agent for BCS Autobox in his day job - also makes his own paper, which is part cotton and recycled, and says the coarser nature of hand-made goes well with letterpress.
The building is an 1858 small town forge and wheelwright; the forge, which has an 1868 bellows intact, is still in use. Neil says it is ‘a bit of fun on the weekends’. As well as operating from his own printroom, Neil takes the letterpress printing
to country fairs around Victoria. 21
Past to present: Neil Southerington brings letterpress to country fairs.
In the brand-new
movie by Bruce Beresford,
just being released in mainstream cinemas,
Berry plays a starring role – well his hands do – as a Linotype operator, ostensibly in the Fairfax building in Ultimo back in the 1960s (when they had no fewer than 160 Linotypes).
The five minute sequence was actually filmed in the Penrith Print Museum. According to industry identity James Cryer, the star man John is now demanding
his own dressing-room and chauffeur, and is fighting off offers from Hollywood.
The Linotype was invented by German New York resident
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Berry have a starring role in the new Australian move Ladies in Black.
he Penrith Museum of Print and its Linotype operator John

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