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New Products
MAY / JUNE 2019
U-POL has utilised its 70-year heritage of pioneering products for the accident repair industry and developed two new advanced lightweight body filler formulations. Dolphin One Fill and Dolphin Medium Body Filler.
Developed at the company’s Wellingborough-based R&D facilities, Dolphin One Fill is flowable and easy sanding while Dolphin Medium is texturaed like whipped cream and is ultra-light weight. “There is no filler on the market like Dolphin Medium” says Damian Cappelluti, U-POL’s Sales Director. Both are presented in a convenient 3 litre can.
Crucially, all Dolphin products adhere to virtually any substrate and can be cured via air-drying, IR, oven baked or even the use of gas fired/ infrared drying systems. Refer to U-POL’s TDS for more information.
Demand for a cleaner working environment, better quality finish and reduced consumable cost has resulted in Norton MeshPower: the latest sanding solution from Saint-Gobain Abrasives. Developed to create a virtually dust-free working environment, the product range features a MeshPower matrix backing structure which extracts dust from sanding surfaces and brings a breath of fresh air to traditionally dirty sanding operations.
Norton MeshPower features a matrix backing containing thousands of tiny holes to extract dust from the surface being worked on, improving the finish. The dust is constantly being removed, which means that harmful particles that fill the air during traditional sanding operations are diminished. All this combined allows operators to work in a cleaner, healthier environment as well as reducing the time needed for the clean-up afterwards, saving time and boosting productivity.
The patented Norton No-Fil technology has been applied to the abrasive grains in the MeshPower range to help prevent clogging in combination with the mesh matrix so the products can be used for longer, saving operators time and money. It also helps to achieve a better finish with a finer scratch pattern faster, with consistent results throughout the product life as the grain wears evenly. With the open structure and premium resin bond system, operators can use MeshPower products wet or dry to achieve the perfect finish.
When discs do eventually need to be changed, the self-gripping backing enables a quick and easy changeover. And thanks to the innovative mesh matrix, there is no defined hole pattern so there is no need to align any holes; it just needs to be applied to the backing pad and sanding can recommence.
The Norton MeshPower product range is highly versatile: it can be used on many materials, with or without a machine and on flat and contoured surfaces, and is available with 100% premium ceramic grain. Coarser grits feature harder backing for heavy duty applications, while light-weight backing on finer grits offers flexibility to work on curves and contours. MeshPower is available in discs and rolls, with a range of accessories to meet all operation requirements.
For further information, contact Saint-Gobain on: 1300 007 650, or visit:
• Increases Productivity
• Reduces Costs
• Flexibility with curing methods
• Easy to Use
• Superb performance • Greater sustainability
Ask your local U-POL representative for a Dolphin Bodyfiller demonstration today or visit:
Rupes has announced the release of the Bigfoot MK III, a range of polishers with improved ergonomics, design and function.
Ergonomics are improved with a 9-metre long lead, which helps save time in stepping
around a whole car, without any drop in power to the tool. There's also an improved handle, forward grip, and a new,
progressive trigger for more precise control.
The specially engineered and custom wound motor, created in-house
by RUPES, generates high levels of torque while requiring just 500 watts of input. The highly efficient motor produces a speed range of 3000 to 4500 for 21mm models and 3000 to 5200 for 15mm models.
For a demonstration contact GnG Sales on: 1300 769 109

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