Page 7 - Australian Paint & Panel Magazine May-June 2019
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The BMW and MINI Write-Off Prevention Program is designed to give invested parties in the accident repair chain a chance to work together to turn a borderline economical write-off vehicle into a financially viable repair.
Loss to Win.
– Customer satisfaction and retention with the most cost effective solution.
– Increased efficiencies through BMW/MINI Dealer Network use.
Collision Repairers
– Parts and labour sales. Amounting to increased turnover and profit.
BMW Dealers
– Parts sales and customer retention. Future parts, service and sales opportunities.
– Improved satisfaction with a hassle free solution.
– Peace of mind as the vehicle is repaired using BMW/
MINI genuine parts.
– Transparency of process.
BMW will give priority to all Write-Off Prevention Program requests and endeavour to respond within 3 hours of receiving request.
Request further information from your BMW/MINI Dealer.
The BMW & MINI Write-Off Prevention Program makes perfect business sense and is simple and easily actioned.
Use the BMW & MINI Write-Off Prevention Program whenever you have a borderline total loss and together we can provide future sales and profit opportunities.

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