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Exhibitors not to be missed
Foodservice Systems Australia is the provider of retherm equipment to predominantly the Healthcare Industry. We have developed an Australian-made retherm cabinet and are looking at other innovations in this sector. Our portfolio includes Retigo combi ovens, spare parts and service. We have extensive experience in the foodservice and equipment market so please do not hesitate to contact us.
McCain Foods are one of the world’s largest manufacturers of frozen foods, meeting almost one quarter of the global demand for French fries. McCain Foods is also a trusted supplier of frozen vegetables, pizzas, desserts and potato specialty products across Australia and New Zealand.
Dilmah is much more than a brand of tea, it is an uncompromising promise of quality. Merrill J. Fernando, an artisan teamaker who is driven by his passion for tea and a desire to share the luxury and natural goodness in Ceylon tea, is the same teamaker behind the world’s best tea. Dilmah Founder, Merrill J. Fernando, has dedicated 70 years of his life to tea. He has mastered the art of tea making.
He guides his family business with pride, passion and care. Website:
We at Chefs First Choice pride ourselves on producing and supplying dry food products to the foodservice industry, ensuring easy preparation with guaranteed results at a price guaranteed to satisfy. We are committed to research and development in to order to expand our range offering innovative products. In turn our customers enjoying leading and on trend flavours. Website:
Ecolean presents a continuous stream of game-changing innovations and we are pleased to bring solutions to the local Australian marketplace, proving that it is possible to provide the world with lightweight, safe, convenient packaging for liquid food and beverages.
Enrich360 dehydrators turn food waste into fertiliser and recycled water, reducing the volume of food waste by up to 93 per cent. With machines from 22kg to 1.1 tonne, Enrich360 collects the organic waste from your restaurant and gives it back to our farms creating a circular economy. Website:

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