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Fable Summaries Book 3a
Howard Whosjobisit: (Personal Responsibility/Cooperation) There are literally thousands of excuses for not doing what is expected or necessary. Most children never have the opportunity to see the long term consequences of “excuse making” but they will with our fable, Howard Whosjobisit. Most of us would like to only do the fun stuff and only for as long as it is fun. Not only will that cause you difficulties with others when you are young, it will cause you problems throughout your life.
Don’t Bee Angry: (Anger/ Social Skills) Being “short tempered” or other “quality” we use to excuse our inappropriate or overly intense displays of anger are quite simply “excuses”. You may have developed an “Anger Habit” that will cause you problems as it does for the Anger Bees.
This story is about accepting that anger is frequently the result of Stinky Thinking and can become a habit leading to unhappiness. In our real world, others may not be willing to risk confronting us about our “Anger Issue” but they may be like characters in our fable and be “glad when you are gone”.
Newton and the Needy Newts: (Neediness/Social Skills) As social creatures we all want attention and approval. But for some of us an appropriate “want” can evolve into an inappropriate “need” that makes us vulnerable to manipulation and making poor choices, as you see with Newton Newt. It is important to teach your children that when our "likes" become "needs,” we set ourselves up for disappointment and to be overly concerned about the opinion of others.
The Story of Too Birds: (Anxiety/Self-Control) We seldom consider the true power of a word. A single word can determine the success or failure of anything. We introduce you to one such powerful word...“Too” and the impact it can have on your child now and in the future. Certain beliefs and certain words carry a lot of power. The word Too is such a word. If you believe a task is Too hard, you won't attempt it. If you tell yourself that you are Too dumb to learn a subject, your effort at learning it will be halfhearted. As such, the word Too as it relates to our Stinky Thinking is very limiting.

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