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 We all want our children to live happy, successful lives. But many of us do not understand what we need to do to help them accomplish these worthwhile goals. This is why, we have spent over 18 years creating and testing our creation, The Adventures of Cosmos Crow. By using our therapeutic fables and support material, children learn the coping skills necessary to experience happy, successful lives.
“If a Child Believes”
If a child believes they can’t succeed- they won’t.
If a child believes that others will never like them- they won’t. If a child believes that school is too scary - it is.
If a child believes play is more important than study- it is
If a child believes that it is okay to avoid difficult things- they will. If a child believes its OK to do “anything” to be accepted-they will And as long as they believe that way, you can’t bribe, scare, or punish them enough to keep it from happening. Teach them to use “Good Thinking” coping skills.
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