Page 22 - G-Ollie the Observant
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What type of thinking did Ollie have when he told himself to be sure to be on  me for the mee ng?
a. Good Thinking
b. Logical Thinking
c. S nky Thinking
What type of emo ons would you have if you were helpful to others even if they did not act like they appreciated it?
a. Not OK Emo ons
b. OK Emo ons
c. Thumbs Down Emo ons
Why did Ollie help the young owl with his lessons?
a. He knew that the other owls would praise him for helping.
b. He thought that he needed to do it so that they would let him stay. c. The youngster needs the help and it was the nice thing to do.
What type of thinking did Ollie have when he o ered to watch the young owls at night?
a. Good Thinking
b. S nky Thinking
c. Thumbs Up Thinking
What will you gain if you always do what you say you are going to do?
a. Everyone’s envy b. Everyone’s trust c. Nothing
Each of you has the opportunity to be as admired and trusted as Ollie. In fact, if you use the Good Thinking and Thumbs Up behavior that Ollie used, you can’t miss. Unfortunately, I have seen too many of you humans say, That’s too much trouble, or That’s not my job, or Let someone else do that and so on. You get into the habit of letting your Stinky Thinking control you and thus you fail to learn how to earn the admiration and trust of others.

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