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   Dear Seniors
letter to seniors
By: Sarah Park and Leyan Zhai
I am always surprised and amazed at the passage of time; how swiftly is goes and becomes the history that we may review from time to time as we grow older and wiser. We have been at the Priory for a combined 73 years. In those many years we have experienced the Priory grow from a smaller and less complicated school to one of the finest educational institutions in Northern California. With each graduating class there is left behind a huge memory bank of personalities, events, and adventures that have helped to form the Priory into what it is today. Each class develops its own personality and thereby becomes a stepping-stone for the classes that follow.
The Class of 2019 has proven to be one of the finest classes in the long and proud history of the Priory. It has excelled in leadership qualities, strongly influencing the underclassmen with spirit and direction. Academic success, reflected in the diverse college opportunities offered to members of the class, has been outstanding. Interest and accomplishment in the arts, in drama, on the athletic fields has surely provided direction for those to follow. Involvement in Campus Ministry activities and generous support for the various drives and appeals to relieve the suffering of those in need has been remarkable. The class of 2019 has indeed made a statement.
May the Benedictine values of Community, individuality, hospitality, spirituality and integrity serve you well as you move on to yet another phase of your journeys. May you keep each other safely in your hearts as you go your separate ways, and may you always remember to dance as if no one was watching.
Father Martin, O.S.B. Tim Molak Monastic Superior Head of School

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