Page 19 - 2019 Priory Yearbook
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3. Clara Feng (8) and Heather Baszucki (8) strike a pose in front of The Awakening, a sculpture located at National Harbor in Maryland.
4. The eight graders sit on the stairs in front of Pennsylvania State Memorial in Gettysburg National Memorial Park as they cheese at the
5. Will Strickland (8), Miles Dobrenski (8), and Will Tomlinson (8)sitontopofahandandholda stare for the camera. The hand is a part of The Awakening sculpture, aimed to represent a 72 foot giant who is buried in the ground.
6. Ryan Carlsmith (8) and Summer Shapero (8) stand side by side with an honor guard at Arlington National Cemetery.
7. Students stand shoulder to shoulder and hold a serious gaze in front of Capitol Hill.

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