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       3. Maisy McWright (12) is in her element as she plays Titania, Queen of the Fairies. She is accompanied by Abigail Milne (9), who plays Nick Bottom, a narcissistic donkey.
4. Sienna Larney-Badani (9) and Willa Bourke (6) play Robin Starveling and Snug, the terrifying lion. Both Willa and Sienna played the roles most superb, filling each line with character that brought the play to life. When asked about her time performing, Willa said that “she
4 6. Ben Putney (9) delivers a solid
4 6
“had so much fun being her character and getting to meet new people.”
5. Hannah Sheridan (12) acts as Helena as she confronts Amelia Hoffmann (12), Hermia, over an overlapping love interest. The two fight it out over the fairy spell casted on Lysander and
speech, hilariously portraying his character as the wall.
7. Billy Youstra (12) as Lysander and Daniel Klein (12) as Demetrius compete with each other to try and impress Helena.
8. Grant Whitman (11) playing Puck, a mischievous fairy who is the right hand man to the king of the fairies, Oberon played by Luke Currier (10).

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