Page 80 - 2019 Priory Yearbook
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By: Ellie Chang and Kiki Sargent
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1. Gwen Spencer (9) jumps up to block the setters’ tip, gaining a point for Priory!
2. Varsity Volleyball Team Front Row: Parker Hurwitz (11), Olivia Beriker (12), AnaMalia Veamatahau (12), Kiana Cablayan- Kennedy. (10) Middle Row: Kiki Sargent (11), Makena Serughetti (10),EllieChang(10),CamilleShelton(11),JocelynGalvan(10). Top Row: Gwen Spencer (9), Coach Robin John Rosales, Anna Barton (12), Isa Kowalski (10).
3. The team meets at the center of the court after every play,
supporting each other throughout the game, win or lose.
4. Kensy Ponterio (12), the primary setter on Varsity, dumps the ball over the net.
5. The Varsity team and coaches celebrate the Senior players during the Senior Night against King’s Academy, a hard-fought gamedespitesomeinjuriesthroughouttheseason.Playerswrote speeches and made posters to honor the Seniors’ contributions to the team.
6. Anna Barton (12) attacks the ball very quickly from the middle.

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