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When wagon trains headed west and came to a challenging creek, pioneers would “throw their hats” to the other side. Hats were indispensable for protection from the sun, insulation from the cold, shelter from the rain, a way to water their horses and more. Figuratively, tossing a hat to the other side absolutely committed a pioneer to ford the stream, retrieve the hat, and continue the journey westward.
To entrepreneur and philanthropist Charles C. Gates, in whose memory the new Gates Biomanufacturing Facility was dedicated on April 6, 2015, throwing the hat symbolized a commitment to take the risks necessary to keep moving toward a goal.
Toward the end of his life, he foresaw a future in regenerative medicine and exhorted his children and others to bring it to fruition. We are grateful for the legacy of his vision, which lives on at the Gates Center for Regenerative Medicine, and for the generous commitments that were made to make the Charles C. Gates Biomanufacturing Facility a reality.
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