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2016 Sustainability Report
Global presence G4-8 | G4-9
Minerva S.A. (Minerva Foods) is a reference in the production and sale of fresh meat and leather, as well as in the processing of beef, pork and poultry pro- teins, with over 9,700 items in its portfolio. Among the leaders in this segment in South America, it is the second largest exporter in Brazil in terms of gross sales revenue. In 2016, the company had R$10,263 million in gross operating revenue, up 2% year-over- year. G4-3 | G4-4
Headquartered in Barretos, in the heartland of São Paulo, the Company is publicly traded and is listed on the BM&FBOVESPA Novo Mercado under code BEEF3. At the end of the year, Minerva Foods had 12,825 employees in Brazil and abroad, at 17 industrial slaugh- ter and deboning units and 1 processed foods unit – 11 located in Brazil, in the states of São
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