Page 6 - Minerva Foods Sustainability Report 2016
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pect limit.  is report covers industrial units in Brazil (Araguaína, Barretos, Batayporã, Campi- na Verde, Goianésia, Janaúba, José Bonifácio, Mirassol d’Oeste, Palmeiras de Goiás, Rolim de Moura and Várzea Grande); however, inter- national units that are located in Paraguay may be mentioned (Frigomerc S.A., Friasa S.A. and Expacar), Uruguay (Frigorí co Carrasco S.A. e Pulsa S.A.), Uruguay (Frigorí co Carrasco S.A. and Pulsa S.A.) and Colombia (Red Cárnica S.A. and Red Industrial Colombiana S.A.S.), as well as the following business units: Minerva Casings, Minerva Biodiesel, Minerva Couros, Minerva Live Cattle and Minerva Fine Foods, Minerva Energia, Companhia Sul Americana de Pecuária (CSAP) and Intermeat. All content and perfor- mance indicators reported here were subject to analysis and received independent assurance from Grant  ornton Brasil Ltda. – a practice the Company has employed since its  rst report. G4-17 | G4-22 | G4-23 | G4-33
Materiality Matrix G4-18
To de ne the content of this Sustainability Re- port, a Materiality Matrix was created accord- ing to and ful lling all of the principles of the GRI G4 guidelines. A er analyzing internal and external documents and based on the material- ity process used for the last report, themes were de ned to be subject on stakeholders consulta- tions to identify in uence and impact on activi- ties at Minerva Foods.
 e consultation process involved employees, suppliers, customers,  nancial institutions, academy, civil society, executives and industry specialists, who responded to an online ques- tionnaire and took part in interviews. With the consolidated data, the material themes were de ned and slipt in four categories: Business Feasibility, Industry Trends, Harmonic Coexis- tence and Environment (see table below with aspects and corresponding GRI indicators). Although they are not considered material, the Company also reports on the G4-EN3 and G4-EN5 indicators, related to energy consump- tion, since continual monitoring is done. G4-19

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