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HIGH SCHOOL CREDIT   GRADUATE                                                                            3
                     OR UPGRADE
                                                                                                        WAYS TO
                       TUITION FREE!                                                                    REGISTER

                    PATH TO POST-SECONDARY

                    Whether you need to complete your high school diploma or upgrade your
                    marks, enrolling in high school credit courses puts you on course for your
                    dream job. And you may even be able to do it for free.

                    UPGRADE GRADUATE                                      LEARN                         ONLINE


                    Have your eye on the    Is now the right time to      Biology, Calculus,
                    perfect post-secondary  complete your high school     Physics, Marketing,
                    program, but need to    education? At CCE, you        Spanish, Data Writing,
                    bump up your grades or  can do it for free and in as  Chemistry, Mandarin,
                    complete required high  few as three high school      Accounting – and many
                    school courses before   courses.                      more. Visit
                    applying? We can help                                 to see all the high school
                    with that.                                            courses offered at CCE.

                    TUITION                                    PUT IN FACE TIME                                        BY PHONE

                    At CCE, you can graduate for FREE. If      You can enroll in on-site, face-to-face                     604-945-4211
                    you have not graduated from high school    classes with your instructor and fellow
                    in Canada or another country, and are      students.                                              IN PERSON
                    a resident of British Columbia, all high
                    school credit courses are FREE.            GET CONNECTED                                         COQUITLAM LEARNING
                                                                                                                OPPORTUNITY CENTRE (CLOC)
                    If you are a high school graduate and are  Online courses at Coquitlam Learning
                    looking to upgrade, many high school       Opportunity Centre (CLOC) let you learn            104-2748 LOUGHEED HWY,
                    credit courses are also FREE, including    at your own pace and schedule. Register                  PORT COQUITLAM
                    English, Math and Science courses.         anytime throughout the year.
                                                                                                                                M-TH: 9 AM–8 PM
                    CREDITS                                    SET YOUR PACE                                                      F: 9 AM–3 PM

                    To earn your Dogwood Diploma, you          CCE offers self-paced learning for busy  SEE PAGES 8-9 FOR COURSE DETAILS
                    must complete 80 credits. Adult            lives. Set your own schedule, set your
                    learners can receive their diploma after   own pace, and set your own environment:
                    completing 20 credits. Learn more about    either in-class or at home.
                    graduation requirements at

                    FIND OUT  Free advising appointments are available: 604-945-4211.
                              With Coquitlam Continuing Education’s high school courses,
                              your dream career is within reach.

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