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PADUCAH                                                                                  KY



                                                                                                     Association of Chamber of
                                                                                                      Commerce Executives

                                                              10 reasons to joinTheChamber

                                                             1                                 2
                                                                      You’ll become a much bigger       You’ll have direct access to
                                                                      part of the local BUSINESS  5th LARGEST  nearly 1,000 companies in
                                                                      COMMUNITY.                         our membership. We are the
                                                                                                        state’s 5th LARGEST Chamber
                                                                                                       of Commerce.
                                                             3        The Chamber hosts GREAT  4        There is no local organization
                                                                       EVENTS for great people.          providing greater business
                                                                       There’s always something          CONTACTS than the Paducah
                                                                      going on! We do the planning      Area Chamber of Commerce.
                                                                     to bring people together.

                                                             5                                 6
                                                                      You’ll CREATE invaluable           You’ll EXPAND your
                                                                       business development               organization’s visibility.
                                                                       opportunities and learn            People do business with
                                                                       about businesses you may          people they know and trust.
                                                                      not even know exist!
                                                             7                                 8
                                                                       You’ll gain a voice locally,      You’ll have the opportunity
                                                                       in FRANKFORT and in                to work HAND-IN-HAND with
                                                                       WASHINGTON, D.C. You’ll take       political leaders on policies
                                                                       a direct role in improving our    impacting your business.
                                                                      region’s business climate.        Let your voice be heard.
                                                             9                                 10
                                                                       You and your TEAM will grow       You’ll learn meaningful best
                                                                       through leadership programs       practices that will help
                                                                       for all career fields.             PROPEL your career.

                                                                 BONUS: We emphasize Buy Local and Member to Member Discounts.

                                                                         300 South 3rd Street † Paducah, Kentucky 42003 † 270.443.1746
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