Page 27 - Protec Global Brochure Feb 2020 Update
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                                                                                                                                                                                                         video SOLUTIONS
Immerse and Inspire
We own one of the world’s largest stocks of video display systems. Our state of the art video equipment and the skilled crew that run them are second to none.
With a greater demand for audience immersion, our video specialists have the ability to transform event spaces into inspirational environments that audiences would love to inhabit.
Our video displays range from over 800 sq meters of LED panels to high-powered low decibel projectors that total over 180 units of 20K, 30K and 40K lumens, plus a large range of small projectors below 20K.
In addition we have over 300 LCD and Plasma screens.
From front end display systems to back end processing, we only trust in the highest quality distribution products and will always have what it takes to Immerse and Inspire.
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