Page 35 - Protec Global Brochure Feb 2020 Update
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                                                                                                                                                                                                         rigging & trussing SOLUTIONS
Raising the bar
Protec specialises in precision, safety and perfection, from simple ground support systems to complex roof structures with enough motors to lift a total of well over 600 tonnes.
We carry an enviable stock of trussing, motors, rigging and ground support systems to satisfy the most demanding designs. Audio, lighting, video and scenic sets are fully integratable with customisable rigging solutions, from indoor ballroom events to outdoor concert stages.
Our adaptability, coupled with our vast stock of over 5 kilometers of trussing and rigging systems means we can simultaneously build 7 complete concert stages, thus making sure that we are up to any task.
Safety is critical in all aspects of our work. All of our riggers are fully trained, certified and kept up to date with of all the latest international rigging safety standards and techniques.
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