Page 39 - Protec Global Brochure Feb 2020 Update
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                                                                                                                                                                                                         scenic & staging SOLUTIONS
Transforming event spaces into
extraordinary environments
The stage you set for your live brand experience is the most prominent visual element for your event attendees. We understand the significance of these environments
that can immerse audiences into your story. As a result, we design and build tailor-made scenic sets as well as static and automated props for some of the most challenging productions. We work within venue and space restrictions, budgets and theatrical complexities, with attention to detail, safety and accuracy.
We also have over 3500 sq. meters of outdoor modular and budget friendly stage systems which are ideal for a wide range of events. Whether your event
calls for a budget friendly stock set or a custom built masterpiece, our staging team have the experience, skills and resourcefulness to achieve your vision.
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