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Award Winning
Technical Support
Protec prides itself on being the largest and most reliable ‘event technical & staging solutions company’ in the region, and one of the largest in the world. Headquartered in Dubai, we deliver award winning, exceptional & inspiring events from small corporate meetings and intimate events through to large conferences and stadium spectaculars. Our base in the UAE has a geographical reach extending beyond the 7 emirates into the rest of the GCC, Africa and Asia. With a team of highly acclaimed industry professionals from across the globe possessing decades of experience in both the corporate and rock and roll event industries, our clients enjoy the benefit of working with a multi-award winning team who have the experience necessary to eliminate assumption. With 2 TPMEA awards and 5 MEES awards under our belt and backed with an investment in excess of US $85 million of the latest, state of the art technology in lighting, sound, audio-visual, staging, rigging, hydraulics & motor control equipment, motion tracking, robotics, SFX, backline and conferencing equipment in the UAE alone, we remain committed to growth – not just ours but the industry’s as a whole.
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